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Why Real Church

That’s a great question! To answer that question we’ve created a short video series to share why we do what we do. You’ll hear our views, our values, and even some of our vision concerning our ministry and mission. So take a little time and find out Why Real Church.Learn More >>

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Living Outside The Box!


Do you ever wish you could find something that challenges your thinking, while encouraging your faith? Never fear, Our Living Outside The Box blog will do just that. You may have just found what you're looking for!Read On >>

Living Outside The Box

Real Church Radio


Real Church Radio is not your typical religious radio program. There are no smooth announcers, no horrible commercials asking for money. Just Real Friends, chatting about Real Faith, and having Real Fun. We fondly call it "discipleship mixed with a little dysfunction". Take a quick listen to get the feel . . . and then Join The Insanity!Listen Now! >>

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We believe Jesus gave His life for the believer to do more than watch a concert and listen to a lecture once or twice a week. In fact, we believe it is God’s intense desire to see every believer living in full-on participation with His presence and power. To that end we provide resources designed to develop your faith and assist you in relating His Truth to your world.View Resources >>

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Shop the RCO Store for fun T-shirts and accessories. Our artwork is beautiful and our quotes are cute to borderline rude. If you like to wear your faith, have a sense of humor, and don't offended easily, then this store is for you!Get Your Real Church On >>